MARGARITA LEFEVRE is an international makeup artist based in Germany. A native of the Philippines, Margarita developed her interest in beauty and fashion as a young girl. Influenced by her mother, she took that passion to heart and set out to create her dream career. Seeking to cultivate her natural artistic abilities, Margarita trained and apprenticed with an impressive roster of top makeup artists like Loni Baur, Rosemarie Schneider, and Mario Dedivanovic.

In 2003, her avid love of travel and adventurous spirit led her to Dubai, where she lived and worked for nearly a decade as a makeup artist and luxury beauty consultant. During her time in The Kingdom, she developed her métier and signature style while working with an exclusive clientele for events, red carpet, and weddings.

A dedicated creative, Margarita credits her expression with makeup as a means to achieve power and confidence. She considers the act of makeup application, an art that brings joy and beauty to both herself as the artist, and the subject.

“For me, beauty is perfection! It’s an extraordinary combination of the inner soul and the outer body.”

Margarita’s work is informed by her meticulous eye for detail, color, and texture. Using a painterly technique to create flawless skin and gorgeous, defined features, she brings a fresh perspective to each face for every occasion, whether the goal is refined natural beauty or an elevated, modern glamour.

Recently Margarita has extended her repertoire to include hairstyling. Her desire to create a complete vision of beauty with both makeup and hair led her to train with renowned hair artist Felix Fischer. Building on her signature style of elegant avante-garde, Margarita is proud to add the medium of hair styling to her offerings.

Margarita is inspired every day by her loving husband and 3 beautiful children. In rare moments of downtime when she isn’t creating incredible makeup and hair looks or multitasking as the perfect wife and mother, Margarita loves to sing, dance, and play a good game of billiards.